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Advanced Voice Options include a number of features for inbound calls. They can be enabled and configured at Settings -> Voice -> General.

1. Call Recording.

At any time during the conversation you can toggle recording by pressing 4. The recorded fragments will be merged into a single voice file and emailed to you after the call.

2. Virtual Second Line.

This feature allows making attended and unattended transfers on 'dumb' terminals that normally do not support this functionality, for example if a call is answered on a mobile phone or on an analogue telephone connected via an adapter.

To activate the second line press * and # in sequence (not more than 2 seconds apart). You should hear a dial tone and the calling party will be placed on hold. After that you can dial any number or extension, finishing by #. To switch between the lines use the same * # sequence. To terminate the call on the second line, press # (you should hear the dial tone again).

If you hang up while both lines are active (i.e. have connected parties), they will be connected to each other.

Note that your can only use the 4-key to toggle recording while being on the main line. The recording is suspended when the main line is placed on hold.

3. Call Presentation.

When this feature is enabled you will be presented with a number of options when answering a call: you can accept (by pressing 1), send to voicemail (by pressing 2), listen in on a voicemail (by pressing 3) or accept and record (by pressing 4). Options 2 and 3 are only available if you have voicemail enabled. 

'Listen in on a voicemail' means the caller will be sent to the voicemail but you will remain on the line and can listen as the voice message is being left. You can interrupt this and connect to the calling party at any time by pressing *.

4. Call Screening.

This feature adds call screening functionality to call presentation. When enabled it will ask the caller to identify themselves and you will hear this before the presentation menu. Optionally you can only enable this for unknown callers (i.e. those not on your Contact List) or blocked/withdrawn numbers.

5. Pick-up on a different device.

If you wish to continue the call on one of your other devices (for example switch from the desk phone to mobile) you can press * at any time during the call. This will cause all your registered devices to ring and when you pick up the current call will be transferred to the new device.

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